July 21, 2017
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Tips And Trends For Developing Professional Divas

by Susan Diane Howell, MBA

Singers, get ready for success! Learn how to become “Strictly Professional”. Master vocal coach and industry singer, Susan Diane Howell, MBA unravels the mysteries of a successful singing career.


Do I have the “It-Factor”?
How do I set up a legitimate music business?
How can I turn my singing passion into profit?
What are the tools of my trade?
How do I access industry resources?
Am I taking myself seriously enough?

How do talented singers work their way into industry circles? What choices do singers have in today’s market? Careers are as unique as the Individual and knowledge is power. Singing careers require strategic planning, vision and unshakable belief in one’s talent and abilities.

Susan Diane Howell condenses five years of research and her lifetime vocal journey into a compact book that will change your vision, your work routines and your measurable results for a no-excuses professional singing career. Many singers don’t figure out their game plan until their best career years are almost over. You will learn how to organize your skills, act on recognizable opportunity and assert your talents with confidence and clarity.

Wherever you are in vocal skill and career timing, this book is a must for evaluating your progress and forging to higher levels of earnings and public recognition. Most singers don’t know how to build a career and leave their success to luck, fate and relationships. Real success starts in the mind. Learn how to think like an industry executive. Realize that all singers share common vulnerabilities and you are not so different, and certainly not less deserving if you are applying the right formulas and working through adversities.

This book will change how you work, inspire you to work harder and teach you how to work smarter. A life empowering insight into how Star Divas (and Virtuosos) are created. Your singing career will never be the same.