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Great Singing Starts With A Great Mindset

 Total Transformation Audio Series for Star Artist

Great coaches around the world are shouting out that mindset is a safeguarded key to a successful singing career. The Academy of Diva Arts answered the call with 2 great audio systems to awaken the star artist in You!

Each collection includes a 10-disc series of 30-minute elevating affirmations and a companion 30-minute subliminal track for deep transformation. Never before has a total mindset awakening series been offered in the music industry for the star artist. Academy of Diva Arts saw the blind spot and delivered the ultimate program for star character growth. Relax in the beautiful New Age music with hypnotic binaural pulses and calming waves.

Ultimate Rockstar is what you are, what you think, what you do. As a Rockstar thinketh...

Ultimate Rockstar Collection
(Men and Women)

I Am A Rockstar
Rockstar Confidence
Rockstar Image
Rockstar At Work
Rockstar Charisma
Rockstar Power
Rockstar Talent
Rockstar Money Magnet
Rockstar Industry Leader
Rockstar Lifestyle

Ultimate Diva Collection

Diva Courage
Diva Style
Diva Voice
Diva Power
Diva Charm
Diva Magnetism
Diva Beauty
Diva Energy
Diva Character
Diva Ambition

Mantras For The Star Singer

Ethereal meditations for Star Singer success. Mantras for the Star Singer offers two discs of 10-minute awakening journeys through the realm of infinite possibility. New Age relaxation music with dreamy affirmations, creative sound clips, binaural beats and subliminal undertones. What if this life could be Heaven?

Mantras for the Star Singer
(Men and Women)

I Deserve Star Success
Fearless Star Singer
Signature Star Voice
Star Ambition
Celebrity Star Singer
Superstar Vocal Confidence
Persist to Star Achievement
Network for the Gold
Superstar Lifestyle
Champion Star Vocalist

Subliminal Persuasion For Singers – Paradigm Shift

Master Voice For Singers

I have a masterful vocal instrument - My breathing is relaxed and effortless - My voice has unique tonal texture - My singing voice is melodic and expressive - My soul resonates through my singing - I am free from comparing my singing talents to the talents of others - I love, love, love to sing - I want to share my voice with the world. - I have a singing mission - My passion and purpose is to touch people with my singing - I sing fearlessly - I am a bold singing performer…and many more empowering affirmations.

Creative and Confident Singer

Creative and Confident Singer" My talents are abundant - My creative awareness is growing - My voice is free and expressive - I am naturally talented - My voice is a masterful and creative instrument - All vocal blocks are disappearing - My learning is accelerated - My voice is healthy and strong"...and many more empowering affirmations.

Successful and Prosperous Singer

"I am a successful singer - I act free and natural around powerful decision makers - I recognize the value of my talents - My talents are worth great riches - I have the power to achieve success - I am obtaining my financial goals - I am aware of my industry - I have a strong work ethic - My success as a singer is unlimited"...and many more empowering affirmations.  

Charisma and Stage Presence

“I am a powerful performer - My energy flows freely on stage - Audiences love my singing voice - Fear has no power over me - My voice and body are free on stage - I possess an enormous power and stage presence - I am developing a unique personal presence - My confidence as a singer grows with every performance - I want to share my talents with the world - I love applause and recognition”…and many more empowering affirmations.

Advanced Vocal Workout

Commercial singing technique. Advanced vocal workout for M-F singers. Breathing, range, flexibility, pharynx muscle strengthening, register blending and tonal quality enhancement.

Sing! Christmas (2012)

Traditional a cappella 4-part Christmas carols. Classic singing of favorite holiday standards. Victorian caroling at its finest.
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Diva Books



By Susan Diane Howell, MBA

Singers, get ready for success! Learn how to become “Strictly Professional”. Master vocal coach and industry singer, Susan Diane Howell, MBA unravels the mysteries of a successful singing career.

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By Susan Diane Howell, MBA

Become a shining icon in the business world! Understanding the rules of the professional leagues can ignite a woman’s lifetime dreams and propel her to the top of any industry she chooses. Women are excelling furiously in society like no time in human history. Savvy women are reinventing themselves to claim their share of success. Are you ready to join them?

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Empowering The Professional Woman

Creative affirmations and subliminal meditations that inspire women to embrace the empowering insights revealed within the internationally celebrated success book. Each series of Empowering the Professional Woman includes 3-discs, a total of 18 meditations of 10-minute length. Each affirmation track is companioned with a subliminal track so your empowerment is internalized, both consciously and subconsciously. These transformation audio series are the first of their kind in transformative learning for professional women. Jump onboard and be a pioneer recipient of this whole new category of education and wellness that is steering an enlightened world for women.

Empowering the Professional Woman
(Series One)

Designing My Why
Owning up to My Power
Break Through to My Success
Managing Success Stress
Speaking Poise
Balancing Emotions in Business
Handling Criticism Like a Pro
Thinking Outside My Box
Tuning into My Guiding Wisdom

Empowering the Professional Woman
(Series Two)

Developing the Art of Listening
Poised as a Professional Speaker
Crafting My Success Story
Creating My Vision
Building My Home Based Fortune
Boundaries in My Professional Relationships
Poising My Body Language
Thinking Rich Thoughts
Attracting My Perfect Element